Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Maybe It's Time To Sell Some High-Capacity Mags

I just received the shock of my life: I visited Cheaper Then Dirt's website to see how ridiculous AR-15 magazines have become.  Everything is out of stock except the utterly useless hundred round drum magazine ($599.97) and some 30 round magazines for $99.97. Each.  I have a large stockpile of 30 round AR-15 and 20 round and M1A magazines left over from the last time this madness hit in 1994. Perhaps I should put some of the excess in a backpack and go to the gun show this Saturday. I don't think I have enough brand new spares to pay off the mortgage, but perhaps the last few months of payments on the Jaguar?

UPDATE: On eBay, more reasonable prices appear: a lot of ten slightly used AR-15 30 round magazines has reached $152.50 -- which is close to a sensible price.

UPDATE 2: It turns out that instead of dozens of the 30 rounders, I have a dozen or so of high cap magazines for a variety of guns, so I think I have enough, but certainly not an excess quantity -- not enough to sell.


  1. "Standard capacity mags", Clayton, "standard capacity" ... :)

    I see that a lot of folks are angry with Cheaper Than Dirt's pricing, but there is the argument that free market pricing helps control irrational demand and keeps products available (at some price) for those that really need the item.

    We hear the same accusations of price gouging about gasoline prices after disasters, but it doesn't matter how cheap a thing is priced if there aren't any to buy.

    If I was running CtD, I'd reserve the last of the stock to sell at the highest price I could charge, and donate the excess to some appropriate charity.

  2. I have no objection to CtD charging market prices. Plan ahead is what every gun owner should do.