Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lots of Upcoming Talk Shows

I will keep updating this, and keeping at the top of the blog.  By the way: I am putting out $350 a month to a PR firm to keep talk shows around the country (and in some cases, across the country) keeping this problem of mental illness at the forefront of the discussion.  The very modest increase in book sales does not even come close to covering the cost of the PR firm, and I no longer have a highly paid private sector job.

If you think that this is an important topic that needs to be on the national agenda, it would help to have some money coming in to help cover those costs.  I have added a PayPal button at the top of the blog if you would like to contribute.


11:00 AM ET, Cody Talks (not clear if this is a local or a national program)


1:00 PM ET (45 min.), Dr. Robert Rose's "Rewiring Your Brain"


11:00 PM ET, Jim Bohannon Show 


9:15 AM ET (15 min.) on WELI 960 AM, Hartford, CT

11:15 AM ET (15 min.) on the Josh Tolley Show (seems to be syndicated)


Sometime in the afternoon...not clear yet if this will be live or this is tape time, but for The Blaze TV


3:30 PM ET, WDRC, Hartford, CT


8:50 AM ET, WTIC, Connecticut

1:00 PM CT, WKYX 570 AM, Paducah, KY

3:00 PM ET, WBZW 1520 AM, Orlando, FL


6:20 AM ET (15 min.), WFLA 970 AM, Tampa, FL

8:10 AM (15 min.), KXYL 102.3 FM, Brownwood, TX


7:40 AM ET, WDUN 550 AM, 102.9 FM, North GA

8:50 AM ET, WTIC 1080 AM, Hartford, CT


5:00 PM PT, KSFO 560 AM, San Francisco, CA


11:35 AM (15 min.) The Scott Hennen Show (national)


1:09 PM PT, KPRL, San Luis Obispo, CA

8:15 PM CT, KBMV 107.1 FM, Springfield, MO


3:35 PM ET, WPTF 850 AM, Raleigh-Durham, NC

9:30 AM CT, WIBA 1310 AM, Madison, WI


2:05 PM, WLW 700 AM, Cincinnati, OH


8:05 AM ET (15 min.), WIS 1320 AM Columbia, SC


6:50 PM ET (15 min.), WYSL, Avon, NY

9:00 PM ET (15 min.), CJAD, Montreal, Quebec


5:00 PM PT (15 min.), KFIV 1360 AM in Modesto and KWSX 1280 AM Stockton, CA


1:00 PM ET (20 min.), The Todd Veinotte Show, 88.9 FM, New Brunswick, Canada

2:00 PM ET (15 min.) on CJNI, 95.7 FM, Halifax/St. John's, Nova Scotia

7:30 PM ET (60 min.), WBZT 1230 AM, West Palm Beach, FL

8:00 PM ET (45 minutes), Reese on the Radio, carried nationally

8:30 AM ET, WNRR, 1380 AM, South Carolina


4:30 PM ET, WAPI Birmingham, Alabama


1:15 PM ET on the Josh Tolley Show (seems to be syndicated)


8:30 AM ET WPTF (apparently, 850 AM) Durham, North Carolina


7:50 AM ET WSYR 570 AM, 106.9 FM Syracuse, New York

10:55 AM ET (or perhaps slightly thereafter) Price of Business on KTEK 1110 AM, Wall Street Radio Network, Houston TX

noon ET SuperTalk Mississippi apparently carried on a number of stations across Mississippi


7:50 AM ET on WDRC Radio 1360 AM (I am pretty sure the AM, not the FM station)Hartford, Connecticut.

7:15 AM ET (6:15 AM CT) Michigan's Morning ShowHosts:  Steve Gruber & Jo Anne Paul, 14 Stations Across Michigan

6:48 PM ET, 93.9 FM Columbia, MO

10:15 PM ET (9:15 AM CT) CJOB 680 AM, Winnipeg, Manitoba


  1. I'll try to catch you. It would be nice if you could post a recording of those shows so we can all hear them.

  2. Great list of shows! Jim Bohannon's Show is a really big one. Congratulations! Jim is also a great guy.

  3. Glad to see someone is finally paying attention, crying shame it had to take a tragedy to make it happen.

  4. You are doing yeoman work, Clayton.

  5. I went for the pain-free contribution of buying a 2-line cordless phone system through your amazon link.