Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Question For Audiovisual Experts

I have my new HDTV all working, but when I attempted to attach a VCR, I ran into a problem. The last time I used this VCR, several weeks ago, it was working. I am using the RCA composite output to feed the similar composite input jacks on the Sanyo HDTV. I know that these jacks work, because I used them with the Wii, and they work fine there. When I get is audio only, and the message No Input Signal on the TV. If I had stopped on the VCR, I see the superimposed VCR information. I have tried two different RCA composite jack cables with the same results. Any suggestions what to try next?

UPDATE: I went back to the video capture box, and the VCR definitely works.  So I tried the set with the video capture box -- and it works with the TV.  Could it be that both of the RCA composite jack cables were bad?  No, they work now.  It appears to depend on the sequence of power up of the TV and the VCR.

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  1. I suspect the issue is with the TV control software determining if there is something connected to the composite inputs.

    Make sure the VCR is on before turning on the TV and see if that works.