Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wished I Had Known About These Rallies at State Capitols Today

All across the country, and reasonably well attended.  My wife and I would have been there in Boise. No one tells me anything.

UPDATE: Apparently I did receive emails about this -- but I get so many, I sometimes don't read them all.


  1. I knew about the rally about 2 days in advance, but didn't realize that it was a national thing until the day before.

    For having about 2 days notice, max, I thought they turned out rather well.

  2. Well, that's why they invented the internet. FYI, your computer mouse requires you click on stuff rather than it delivering what it thinks is important to your inbox. Last I heard it wasn't your mouse's job to tell you anything.

    If individual liberty and gun rights are important, visiting a very few web sites - blogs, mostly - will keep you informed.

    There are others, but blogrolls on those sites above will get you started. Of course, you may have to follow some links on those sites to get all the info.

  3. I think rallies at shooting ranges would be even better than at Capitols. Especially if it could get media coverage showing children and "regular" folks engaging in lawful, safe and positive sporting events.


    The Idaho forum on is pretty quiet, but I take that as a sign of how unremarkable carry is there... :-)