Wednesday, January 16, 2013

That Sucking Sound

It is every gun in the country being bought.  Cheaper Than Dirt is always entertaining to visit; 30 round AR-15 magazines for $129.95?  At least those are in stock.  Semiauto .223 rifles?  There are 88 different models, all above $1000, and all out of stock.  Even the Barrett .50 BMG semiauto (in case blue whales ever come back on land), at $13,289.80, is out of stock.  Even the AR-7 .22LR survival rifles (which will almost certainly be exempt from any ban) are out of stock.

I'm so glad that I own S&W and Ruger stock.

If the goal is to get Americans to step back from their love affair with guns, Obama has achieved an epic fail.


  1. Some guy on the bulletin board at work was trying to sell 500 rounds of Federal .223 for $450.

    I thought it was .50 BMG that was supposed to be a dollar a round.

  2. Check, say, Impact Guns instead of CTD.

    Plenty of rifles in stock at high prices - this current panic makes AR-10s look like good deals.

    (I wonder how badly the anti-gun people will freak out if anyone ever tells them about the AR-10?

    "It's just like the evil AR-15, except in a far more powerful caliber!")

  3. There was some D Congresswoman (not Feinstein or Pelosi---gray haired late 60's or older---I think maybe a East coast one) on CNN on 1/16 being interviewed celebrating the high prices of ammo, semi-autos and magazines and also the shortages. Apparently the logic is the high prices will mean fewer can afford anything.

    I wonder how many will be making minimum payments on credit cards for months or years to pay for the stuff.

    Pisses me off as I can't afford the high prices!

    For someone like me the gun grabbers are winning since I'm now priced out--assuming it can even be found....

  4. Hmmm, looking at the XM193 offerings that's not an outrageous price. E.g. cases of 1,000 rounds with multiple bids are at a bit over a dollar a round.

    I just read on John Richardson's blog that reloading is a topic of extra interest at the SHOT Show right now....