Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Convicted Rapist: Gun Control Advocate

A man who runs a gun control organization in Ohio turns out to be...a convicted rapist.  From Buckeye Firearms Association:
After reading the article, a Buckeye Firearms Association supporter decided to contact McCorry, the apparent protest organizer, to inform him about the inaccuracies in his statements about firearms (it isn't illegal for private individuals to sell a gun at the show without a background check, people aren't selling M16s or fully-automatic AK47s at Hara Arena, modern sporting rifles are used for hunting, gun shows are rarely used by criminals as a source for guns, rifles [of any type] are used in murders far less than fists or baseball bats, etc.).

The supporter quickly found more than he bargained for. A simple Google search for Jerome McCorry reveals that the man trying to tell the public what weapons they should be allowed to own is a convicted felon.
Nor is this a name coincidence:
As can be seen in the WHIO-TV video, Anti-Gun-Protestor Jerome McCorry is wearing a jacket and identified in the on-screen graphic as the President of The Adam Project. The Adam Project's website lists its address as 1426 Home Ave., Dayton - the same address as Rapist-and-Convicted-Felon Jerome McCorry.
And of course, convicted rapist McCorry also organized a "hoodie" demonstration to protest the death of Trayvon Martin. Gee, can you imagine any reason that a rapist might be upset about victims owning guns?


  1. Meanwhile, in real life:

    Instapundit linked to this story:

    These kind of stories must be starting to hurt. If you read thru the comments, you find someone(s) trying to claim the story is a hoax, even claiming that the NRA wrote it and gave it to the local TV station as an "order" to run it.

    Any idea what that professor that prompted you to start collecting stories, the one who thought this kind of thing is rare, is doing these days?

  2. The NRA order a local TV station to run it? The NRA can't even buy advertising space in the New York Slimes.