Friday, January 25, 2013

We Already Knew This About Our Cat

A New Zealand economist is proposing genocide for cats, but in a very nice, gentle, New Zealand sort of way -- requiring all existing cats to be sterilized, and prohibiting anymore from entering the country -- for the birds, of course:
Morgan points out that your cat “is actually a friendly neighborhood serial killer.”
The other morning, our cat was trying to catch a mouse.  We thought we had saved it from a gruesome end, but later, my wife found the cat doing with the body what orcas do with seals that they have killed: throwing it up in the air again and again.

Of course, in the Middle Ages, Europeans killed cats, Satan's familiars, and look where that took them: gobs of rats, and eventually, Black Death.


  1. We have had a number of Yorkshire Terriers (dogs). They were bred to catch rodents, which is why they are so small.

    While not wide roving, like house cats, all of these dogs have shown an incredible ability to find and kill mice, rats and ground-squirrels.

    Of course, we keep them in a penned yard, or they might be eating the local small fauna also.

    Originally they were kept fenced because larger dogs (actually, coyotes) consider Yorkies to be nice snacks (we also lost one to an owl).

  2. Ms. Stoaty Weasel has a lethal cat.

    "... she can kill and eat mice with just two fangs. While bombed out of her skull on kitty smack."

  3. It is reasonable to judge that should cats and dogs stay in New Zealand, that the Kiwi and penguins will be slaughtered to extinction.

  4. Cats are one of the animals who like humans can kill for fun and if left to their own devices will kill to extinction.

    I stopped letting my cats outside years ago and have since raised cats who I have never had outside unless on a leash or in a controlled situation so that they can't get away or do harm.

    Cat's that have never been allowed outside will generally be quite content to live outside. Those who have been outside who are then forced to stay in will pine for the outdoors for a time, but will eventually learn to accept it so it is possible to convert a cat to indoor living.

    Besides the problem of indiscriminate killing cats who are allowed outside are exposed to diseases including some which are fatal, subject to injury from cat fights or being killed by cars, dogs, etc. Keeping a cat inside and never letting them outside saves thousands of dollars in vet bills and grief over their loss.

    Given all of that it makes no sense to let cats outside unless they are in a cage!

    I am sick and tired of neighbors who let their cats out and then they come over in my yard and shit in my garden and kill the wildlife in my yard. I have tried trapping them but so far without success. I don't have my back area fenced otherwise I just might get a dog to take care of the cats, but then the quail and other wildlife couldn't safely live in my yard anymore. I'm sure my neighbors save thousands by not having to buy litter. Maybe I'll start bagging the crap and take it over and dump in on the neighbor...

    It is stupid, lazy and selfish not to keep cats and dogs under control from harming wildlife and sterilized.

  5. We never let our cat out of the house; instead of harming wildlife, wildlife would harm him. This area is awash in coyotes and foxes.

  6. Unknown, both of the cats we currently have were found outside, but never showed an inclination to go back once we brought them indoors. One of the cats we took in was discovered to have two kinds of worms in her system, a hazard from fleas and eating prey that carried worms.