Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Any Virginia Attorneys That Can Help?

A regular reader contributed some money to the PR campaign fund for the My Brother Ron effort.  Now he tells me that this is hitting close to home -- it is no longer an abstract concern for the public good.  His son has just finished college, and and has disappeared.  Text messages from him talk about voices.  His parents have contacted the police, who apparently know where the son is, but won't say.  My guess is that he has been hospitalized, but privacy laws prevent them from telling the parents that.  This is in Virginia (which modified its emergency commitment law after Virginia Tech).  Is there anyway to pry out of the police information that would at least put their minds at ease that he is being cared for?

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  1. I would think that if he is no longer mentally competent (which being involuntarily committed, he would not be.) then he needs some sort of guardian. I would expect a parent would be the normal choice for this, therefore I don't think HIIPA applies.