Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gun Show at Western Idaho Fairgrounds Today

I do not regularly go to gun shows, but compared to previous ones I have attended there, and according to other visitors who do regularly attend: this was certainly a record event.  I have never seen the parking lot so full; I have never seen the aisles so crowded; I have never seen so many guns and ammunition so marked up. The NRA recruiter indicated that yes, they are getting many new members.


  1. Forget gold, brass and lead are the investment metals.

  2. I read today that NRA membership grew by 250,000, and that in November and December Americans purchased 4.7 million firearms (this stat is actually the number of NICS checks, so I suppose the number could be greater).

    And, at least one person seems to have some serious cajones, as he or she managed to place a ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ sticker on the President's limo. Note that the ignoramus "journalist" who wrote the caption describes the phrase as "latin", rather than Greek (could have at least written Latin, rather than latin).