Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scammers Of Limited Intelligence

Among the sadder emails of the day:
Hello There,
HAPPY NEW YEAR.I will like to make an inquiry on what you sell. Before i proceed,
Please inform me if you accept Credit card as mode of payment ? Also can you allow
my shipper to come for the pick up of the order?
Please include your website where i can pick item needed.
I would be awaiting to receive the reply as soon as possible.
Thank you and God God bless you.
John Bless.
Blessed store Ltd
Address:46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue,
11528, Greece
+30 21 0728 8392
Web:Under construction
You don't know what I sell but you want to know if I accept credit cards for the order?  What if I sell something that you really don't want, and you could not possibly resell?  Perhaps chunks of basalt at $500 per pound?  Not too worry, this guy will be happy to overpay me for them, and then ask for a check for the amount he overpaid me with his bogus credit card.

Is anyone stupid enough to be taken in by stuff like this?  Even President Obama wouldn't be taken in by this.


  1. Coincidentally, today's local paper has an article on scams: Publisher's Clearing House, CVS Pharmacy, etc. are being used to promote, "You've won, but you need to pay the taxes up front, please remit to..." Just yesterday, a woman thought she was buying a p/u truck through Craig's list, sent the $$$, only to find out that the truck doesn't exist.

    So yes, people do fall for this crap. The scammers can be VERY convincing when on the phone.

  2. I have read that scammers use really obvious, stupid stuff in order to screen out any respondents with intelligence.

    They don't want to waste their time with a Clayton Cramer, so they write something that's obviously a scam and pretty incompetent.

    They want to deal with people would actually take it seriously.

    In other words, a lot of the poorly worded, absurd scam spam is done that way to filter the responses.

  3. You send out enough of these and you are bound to get enough fools to make it worth your time. Doesn't take that many....

    Isn't their English language skill impressive!

    Doesn't Obama have some friends in Nigeria doing this sort of thing? :-O

  4. Well, Obama is spending money that Ben Bernanke printed up just for him ...

    Not to dissimilar to the forged cashiers check scams ...