Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Schwarzenegger's New Film

I saw the poster for his new movie (which looks like a great action movie, if you are a Hollyweird gun control hypocrite), and I had no choice but to parody it.


  1. I can't stand these action "flicks" and will not even waste my time watching one for free on commercial TV or via public library DVD checkout.

    All of the movies are made by anti-gun zealots (hoplophobes) who produce the most gratuitous junk with exaggerated violence and gun play to make we legal owners look like nuts because we must be since we own guns.

    And I would be considered to have an arsenal yet the comic violence in most movies and games, etc is just way too much (repugnant) for me.

    Of course most of these movies are made to mostly appeal to those under 30 with raging hormones and aggression.

    I will not give them my money to promote their agenda while they work to remove our 2nd Amendment rights.

    And to think if Arnold could run for President he just might be a "Republican" (RHINO) who could get elected!

    But yes, the parody is better than the original!

  2. Even when they are well done and entertaining, they are the entertainment equivalent of junk food. I have to be pretty bored to intentionally watch one.

  3. Either Arnold's wearing a woman's blouse and the Sheriff's badge on the wrong side, or the image was flipped.
    I vote for the former.