Monday, April 16, 2012

Yet Another Reason To Be Armed...Deer

No, and I don't mean to put venison on the table.  From April 16, 2012 KTVB Boise:

PRESTON -- Idaho Fish and Game officials say they shot and killed a large, aggressive mule deer buck suspected of threatening several people in a rural area near Preston, ID. The incidents happened last October and then again this spring.
On Sept. 30th, 2011, Sue Panter was on a stroll near her home in rural southeastern Idaho when the buck first attacked. Officials say the animal raked Panter's body with its antlers, and gored her legs.
Afterwards, IDFG officers tried to find and kill the aggressive deer, but were unsuccessful. At the time, reports indicated the buck in the attack was a young adult, which on average weigh about 250 pounds.
Officials say they suspect the same rogue animal struck again last week.
If you don't get those criminals out of circulation, they keep repeating their crimes, you know.

Last night, as we were headed to bed, my wife dragged me into the kitchen to watch five deer trying to get bird seeder out of the feeders.  They have no shame.

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