Saturday, April 21, 2012

Headed To D.C. Tomorrow

The choice was either a 5:40 AM flight (which means getting up about 3:30 AM) on Monday, or taking a 7:48 AM flight on Sunday, and spending two nights in D.C.  As a result, I will have late afternoon Sunday and most of Monday available to do tourist things in D.C.  I'll probably walk down to the Mall, and visit places that I have never actually managed to get to on previous trips, such as the Jefferson Memorial.

Of course, if my adoring fans in D.C. want to go sightseeing with me, it may be an educational experience, although with the hazard that my head may be too swollen to get back aboard the airliner on Tuesday.


  1. Things to consider near DC if you have a car.

    The National Cathedral (easy via metro/bus)

    The NRA Firearms Museum in Fairfax.
    The US Marines museum in Quantico.
    The C&O Canal and Falls of the Potomac, west of town off the beltway.
    The Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian aviation and space museum at Dulles.

  2. Don't have a car; I've been on a tour of the NRA Firearms Museum led by the assistant curator a couple of months back. (I was almost tempted to become a collector of Browning hammerless pistols because of this.)

    Thanks for the suggestions, in case a reader with a car and nothing better to do on Monday contacts me.

    I will have email access on my trip.

  3. And you can probably still see two space shuttles together at once at Dulles Smithsonian wing (at least as of Friday they had two out on display).

  4. I'd have suggested the FBI HQ tour, but that was always tough to get and now they've shut that down since 9/11. If you know your Senator or Representative, or even a well placed agent you might get in on the tour. It's worth it if you can pull the strings, but at this late date you won't be able to do it.

    But I'll second the Udvar-Hazy suggestion. It's still second to Wright-Patterson in my book (military aviation has always been a passion of mine), but very impressive.