Monday, April 9, 2012

Generally Not A Good Idea to Post Racially Charged Statements to Facebook....

Tulsa cops are investigating whether both suspects in a deadly shooting spree that was apparently aimed at black people took turns firing at victims, killing three and critically wounding two others.
Police have recovered a weapon they believe was used in last Friday's shootings, sources told ABC News, but have not yet disclosed where it was found or any forensic evidence.
Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, appeared in an Oklahoma court today via a closed circuit video from the Tulsa County Jail for a bond setting hearing.
Maybe it was just a coincidence that
The shootings occurred nearly two years to the day after a black man shot England's father, Carl England, to death on April 5, 2010... 
If so, a mighty bad coincidence for England.


  1. England was a Native American before the narrative required him to be white. I guess he can't be a racist otherwise.

  2. The comment above beat me to the punch. The same thing happened with Zimmerman -- every news account said "A white man shot ...". When it turned out he was not white, they changed it to "White Hispanic".

    All of this is coming from newspapers that insist they do not reveal the race of a perpetrator if it is not relevant to the story. Apparantly, they can make it relevant.