Monday, April 16, 2012

Imagine If Evangelical Christians Wanted Alcohol Sales Stopped...

Small Dead Animals pointed me to this April 12, 2012 Daily Mail article about bending to whim of religious fanatics:

A university is considering ending the sale of alcohol on campus due to concerns from Muslim students.
London Metropolitan University could take action because a ‘high percentage' of its students thought drinking was ‘immoral’, according to its vice chancellor.
Professor Malcolm Gillies raised the prospect of an alcohol-free campus after gauging the changing values from the influx of new students.
He said it would be unwise to ‘cling’ to a ‘nostalgic' view where the vast majority wanted alcohol to be available and instead take account of diverging views.

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Now, if evangelical Christians were expressing concerns about alcohol sales, even if they were in the majority, you know what the response would be: you need to learn to be more accepting of different ways of doing things.

If the university was considering an alcohol-free campus because of the very serious problems of intoxication (violence, rape, accidental deaths), we could at least have a polite conversation about whether this was the right solution or not.  But doing it because a minority of students are Muslim?  That's just progressives trying to prove how open-minded and tolerant they are, by being closed-minded and intolerant.

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