Monday, April 30, 2012

Dom Perignon In The Most Unexpected Places

My wife and I were out for a walk on Harris Creek Road yesterday.  I saw what looked like a champagne cork, and commented on it to my wife--since this is not a normal thing to find on a road near Horseshoe Bend.  A few feet beyond, we found the bottle: a 1995 Cuvee Dom Perignon, which ordinarily sells for about $150.  (And the bottle was not completely empty, either.)

Now, if you found this in Beverly Glen Canyon above Beverly Hills, or on a Malibu beach, or in Manhattan--well, that would not be a great surprise.  But in the area surrounding Horseshoe Bend?  What next?  Will someone open up a Ferrari dealership there?  Or will Whole Foods decide we need a store?


  1. Heh! This from the guy with a rather large telescope in his garage.


  2. Parked next to his Corvette, and Jaguar.

  3. Or could it be that Horseshoe Bend is going the way of Boise's North End and Sunvalley/Ketchum and becoming the new home of Liberal Democrats from CA....Yikes!!!!

  4. Where I moved from in California, a Corvette and a Jaguar would be a sign of barely hitting middle class.