Friday, April 13, 2012

Donkey Cons, Again

My friend R. Stacy McCain wrote a book a few years ago called Donkey Cons, all about the criminal nature of Democratic Party politicians.  (And yes, he acknowledged that corrupt Republican politicians exist, but demonstrated that they are relatively rare by comparison.)  The latest example, from April 12, 2012 CBS St. Louis:
Update: Former Gov. Roger Wilson Pleads Guilty
ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A federal grand jury indicts former Missouri Governor Roger Wilson and St. Louis attorney Ed Griesedieck in connection with their handling of a campaign contribution to the Missouri Democratic party. Both men face one misdemeanor count of misappropriation from an insurer in connection with contributions totaling $8,000 made to the Missouri Democratic party in 2009.
Two separate donations of $5,000 and $3,000 were allegedly made from the law firm of Herzog Crebs, where Griesedieck was serving as managing partner, to Governor Nixon payable to the Missouri Democratic Party. Herzog Crebs then allegedly billed Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance, where Wilson was serving as President and CEO, to recoup the money as a “cost advance,” making it appear as if the bill was for legal work. Wilson allegedly paid back $3,000 of the total, leaving the insurance company to reimburse the remaining $5,000 to the law firm.
Last month, from March 28, 2012 The Daily Beast:
California Democratic campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee may have been called the Bernie Madoff of campaign finance, but her clothes and lifestyle certainly didn’t match that description. Durkee, who is accused of defrauding 50 state and national politicians of $7 million over a decade, drove to work in an old pickup and met clients wearing muumuus and flip-flops. The Spanish-style house she shared with her husband in Long Beach’s Bixby Knolls looked weather-beaten and neglected. Her lawn was a mix of dirt and grass patches.
“Any of the TV images you see about conwomen, she is not one of them,” said Eric Bauman, chairman of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. “She is not slick. She isn’t well-spoken. She isn’t running off to Paris. She wears Kmart clothing and lives in a beat-up old house in Long Beach.”
Prosecutors allege that Durkee, who received the Susan B. Anthony Award from the Democratic Women of the San Fernando Valley in 2007 for her dedication to women’s political causes, carried out one of the most extensive campaign-fraud schemes in the history of California. 
And that's not even getting to the many other crooked Democratic bigwigs and contributors.

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