Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secret Service Scandal

Really, really unfortunate.  The Secret Service has enjoyed for a long time a reputation for being squeaky clean, extraordinarily competent parts of the law enforcement branch of the government.  I know that many Americans don't understand why a bunch of men (some of them married) hiring prostitutes is such a big deal, but as Bridget Johnson's article at PJMedia points out, this isn't just a matter of old-fashioned sexual morality (which Americans have largely abandoned), but a serious security failure:
The image of insecurity that this projects to our enemies is damaging — and could have proven fatal in Colombia if the agents, reportedly boasting in the brothel that they were assigned to protect the president, let the wrong person into the bedroom.
America is a nation in serious economic and political decline, and the moral decline (and not just about sex) came first.  It is sad to live in a nation headed down into collapse.

And no, I am not blaming this on Obama.

UPDATE: The DiploMad, who was at a previous Summit of the Americas as a working diplomat, is focusing on the important stuff that went on--and he says it was a disaster:
The SOA that just ended in the amazingly beautiful city of Cartagena was a disaster. (Note: If you get the chance, go to Cartagena. It is a stunning city with a terrific history and architecture, and some great people. In fact, if you get a chance, go to Colombia, a wonderful country that has re-invented itself with a lot of hard work by some very brave men and women.) It was a disaster, and not because of the Secret Service prostitution scandal. On the contrary, that scandal is a godsend as it overshadows how poorly Obama and Clinton did in Cartagena on the substance. This SOA  showed, once again, how out of touch the Obamaistas are with Latin America and the Caribbean, and their persistent disregard of Canada, by far our most important foreign relation in the world, and an invaluable ally in the OAS and the Hemisphere. The Obamaistas live in Fantasyland, and do not allow reality to disturb their E-Ticket ride.


  1. I don't know why you aren't blaming it on Obama. For four years the SS has watched him live it up on the taxpayers dime, burn through money on vacations for he and his family, give payoffs and kickbacks and enrich his friends. You don't think the message that it's party time doesn't filter down? The SS has seen it more than ANYONE. When he was in Colombia he SAID he was scouting out vacation spots. Does leadership matter, or not?

  2. This IS an Obama problem. The SS is corrupt from the head down as Tim Geithner is an unrepentant tax cheater and still is Secratary of the Treasury and thus boss of the SS. The Obama administration is stunningly corrupt in ways that only a staff of former Chicago politicians can dream up. All the abuses of the TSA, GSA, IRS, ATF... have been unpunished (and barely commented on the the media) for the last 3 years and federal employees are running amuck under Obama.

  3. If the morals of Secret Service agents are so situational that watching the Obamas "livin' large" is enough to make them behave like this, then they have no morals and no intelligence at all.

    Not everything is Obama's fault. There are enough things that can be tied to his actions, and that of his immediate underlings, that we don't need to go blaming for stuff like this.

  4. Since you posted this three agents are now out.

    If only there was a way to prevent anyone who is fired from collecting their pension...that might clean up the house quickly! For any that are fired, but are too young to retire I can't imagine getting fired from the SS being a great way to get hired into another professional or security job, but as crazy at this world seems to be anymore maybe it doesn't matter.....

    Imagine the stories we would be hearing if Billy was still president when this happened!

  5. Imagine the stories we would be hearing if Billy Georgie was still president when this happened!

    We would be getting nightly reminders from the media how a fish rots from the head, and the leader sets the tone for the organization, and besides these agents were DRINKING on the job as well, which is probably even more serious.