Monday, April 30, 2012

Funny, Very Unexpected Movies

Today's Special.  It is about as unexpected of a film as I can imagine.  It is built around a Muslim Indian family where the son is a sous chef at a pretentious New York City restaurant with ambitions of going to Paris to apprentice to great chefs...but a family emergency forces him to take over the shabby Indian restaurant that his father runs.  There is romance, and family conflict, and a very interesting taxi driver who takes over in the kitchen.

There is some adult content and language, but otherwise a surprisingly positive film.

On the plane back from D.C. last week, I saw, We Bought A Zoo.  If you think it looks like a predictable family film, yes, you are correct (although United edited the language slightly in a couple of places, and I can't say that it was injured in the process).  So what?  I enjoyed it very much.  Maggie Elizabeth Jones plays the cute as a button seven year old, and she is just adorable!  Matt Damon (for all his stinky left-wing politics) does a great job.

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