Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angela Corey: Second Degree Murder

From April 11, 2012 CBS Miami:
MIAMI (CBSMiami) – George Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, according to the Associated Press.
I think this may turn out to be a pretty clever move by Corey.  The evidence for second degree murder is pretty weak--but the lynch mob wants something done, and they will likely get a trial.  And a jury or a judge will hear the evidence, and likely conclude that there is reasonable doubt as to whether Zimmerman committed murder,and release him.  Unless Corey has some clear evidence that Zimmerman lied about being attacked, or where he was at the time of the shooting, I think this is going to be a very expensive exercise for Zimmerman, and the state of Florida.  And when Zimmerman is found not guilty, we can only hope that tempers have cooled enough that the lynch mob doesn't burn down any cities.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that perhaps the reason Corey skipped the grand jury is that she didn't have a strong enough case to get an indictment.  That would certainly lead to race riots.


  1. If this is her intention, she isn't fit for public office. Lets ruin a mans life and run him through the shredder to appease the mob! If evidence in trial comes out that it's clearly self defense, she should be disbarred. If it was manslaughter, I'd feel differently but believe 2nd degree murder has a pretty high threshold and charging someone in a case you know you can't win is wrong.

  2. If you look at Florida jury instruction 7.4 for Second Degree Murder, chances would seem to be zero unless they have some evidence radically different than what has been reported so far. However, there are several lesser included offenses within a second degree murder charge (manslaughter, etc.)

  3. Don't tell me you actually believe that a prosecutor would bring charges in a highly politicized case, as a RUSE?

    Prosecutors are not friends of people they indict, trying to charge crimes higher than the so-called evidence supports. Jury trials highly publicized crimes are wholly political affairs, just like debates are. Evidence means nothing in this context. And Zimmerman is going down, because that is what the mob demands and is what the jury, composed of morons, will deliver.

  4. I notice that Z's original lawyers claimed he distanced himself from them and had talked directly to the prosecutor.

    Now this (with some reports that he has surrendered himself into custody).

    I wonder how much of Zimmerman's actions are an attempt to keep himself safe while the trial goes on. No trial would be cheaper in lawyer-fees, but likely end with Zimmerman constantly afraid of assault from people who think he got away with murder.

    A trial will be expensive, but gives the best chance of Zimmerman escaping later vigilante action.

    I also wonder (with you) why the prosecutor is trying for such a big conviction.

    Did she reach a tacit agreement with Zimmerman to take him trial? It might be in both of their interests to move the case to trial, even if the evidence doesn't support the charges.

    Or is the explanation that she has found evidence that appears solid?

  5. Expect all kinds of misconduct during the trial. Protests in front of the courthouse, Jurors running through a gauntlet, and pressure for them to produce a particular verdict. IF Zimmerman is acquitted as he should be, there WILL be riots, with Sharpton and Jackson leading the way.

    If he is convicted or forced into some kind of lesser charge, expect those two to be high-fiving each other over having done "Justice".

    I heard that Corey once tried to put a 12-year-old in jail for life.

    And further, if he is acquitted, watch Holder file some kind of Civil Rights Violation charges.

  6. Did you see Zimmerman's mugshot. Very different from the picture that the media has been using.

  7. Jurors running through a gauntlet....

    Doesn't the judiciary in high profile cases like this where the jurors might be in danger go to great lengths to protect them?

    If that doesn't happen we'll know the fix is in and one would hope that would give him grounds for an appeal.

    This is all assuming the judge doesn't throw the case out during the mandatory pre-trial hearing based on a claim of immunity due to self-defense.

  8. Angela Corey charged second-degree murder because that's what she thinks she will win, and big a big hero who locked away the most evil person to ever live since Hitler.

  9. I think Ms. Cprey is engaging in a simple but blatant case of charging Zimmerman with a crime the facts don't support. Given the imperfect information we have, I can see the actual facts of the case either supporting a manslaughter conviction or that Zimmerman acted in self defense. Charging Zimmerman with second degree murder is a blatant overreach to get him to cut a deal.

    Every American should be outraged by this, because if it can be done to Zimmerman in a case this public, it can be done to any one of us in a case less public.