Tuesday, April 10, 2012

George Zimmerman's Web Page

George Zimmerman has put up a web page, and this report at WKMG channel 6 Orlando has confirmed that it is indeed George Zimmerman's page.  Zimmerman put up a web page to solicit donations because other web sites had gone up apparently either directly or implicitly claiming that they were raising funds for Zimmerman's legal defense, when they actually were not.

I still don't know if Zimmerman was completely in the right or not.  I do know that the left intends to get a conviction, regardless of the facts, and I do not have enough confidence that in a racially charged case like this that Zimmerman can get justice without spending a pile of money.  Unfortunately, justice is not color-blind in the U.S.  Poor blacks often get the short end of the stick from the criminal justice system, and as a consequence, balance is achieved by giving the short end of the stick to a white guy (or "white Hispanic" if you are the New York Times).  Yes, this is Bonfire of the Vanities, right down to "Rev. Bacon" and his involvement.

I'm kicking in some money to Zimmerman's fund.  I encourage others to help out.

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