Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama vs. Romney Polling

Gallup is reporting that Romney is neck and neck with Obama: Romney 47%, Obama 46%.  That's within the margin of error, obviously.  As much as Romney's centrism leaves me cold, it is a reminder that there are Americans who consider Romney far, far too conservative for their tastes, and many who find him barely tolerable.  I fear that a conservative would have no chance at all against Obama.  Remember: to many Americans (especially the rich and depraved ones in Hollywood are coughing up incredible amounts of money), Obama is just a wonderful president.

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  1. Part of Romney's problem is that he doesn't communicate conservative ideas in a way which appeals to non-conservatives. That skill, above all, was what gave Reagan the title "the Great Communicator", and his electoral victories. Romney is particularly ill-suited to doing this, as it seems that every time he tries to explain a conservative principle, he fumbles in some awful way which makes him look to be a buffoon.

    Also note that he's only recently started really going after Obama, and he seems to be landing a few good solid hits - if he can make Obama's progressivism look ridiculous, he doesn't have to make conservatism look that good.

    The fact that Romney is running even with Obama, even despite his terrible campaigning gives me hope.