Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Sure If This Meets Any Legal Definition of Insanity

But it does conform to the less technical "crazy as a loon" standard.  From the April 19, 2012 Guardian, comes this chilling description of Breivik's testimony at his trial:

His original plan for the attack on Utøya was to time his arrival on the island with a visit from Gro Harlem Brundtland, a former Labour prime minister of Norway. Breivik told the court he planned to handcuff her, before "decapitating" her using a bayonet on his rifle and then filming the execution on an iPhone.
"The plan was to chop her head off with [the bayonet] while reading a text and then upload the film to the internet," he said.
Brundtland was his main target, said Breivik, adding that he nonetheless expected everyone else on the island to die. "The objective was not to kill 69 people on Utøya. The objective was to kill all of them," he said, explaining that he planned to scare the campers into the water.
Breivik has previously explained that he intended to be the al-Qaeda of Europe, attempting to drive Muslims out. He sounds like he was definitely in the right mindset for that.

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  1. His purpose was obviously to terrorize and intimidate his perceived enemies in the Norwegian Labor Party and governmental establishment. Seems to me like a public beheading of such a high profile person would accomplish that pretty well. Nothing crazy at all about it if you consider his motivations.