Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Okay We Are Fast Reaching Biowar Area

That lab in Reedley, Cal. operating out of a vacant warehouse with various infectious diseases and a thousand lab mice?  8/1/23 USA Today:
"Hundreds of mice also were found at the warehouse, where they were "kept in inadequate conditions in overcrowded cages" with no food or water, according to court documents. An associate with Prestige Biotech told investigators the mice were "genetically engineered to catch and carry the COVID virus," the documents added....

"Zieba said officials called in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after about 30 freezers and refrigerators were found, with some set to minus 80 degrees. The CDC detected at least 20 potentially infectious agents, according to court documents.

"Ultimately, what we did find is some viruses, such as HIV, COVID, chlamydia, rubella, malaria, things of that nature," Zieba said...."

UPDATE: The firm this operation purchased received a $360,000 tax credit from California.

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