Thursday, August 31, 2023

Florida & Shakespeare

Florida is banning Shakespeare?  No.  One or two districts were concerned that some of the plays are a bit racy for high schoolers.  I rather doubt that but some kids are still growing up in pretty traditional homes so I can see why they might be a bit nervous.
8/8/23 Tallahassee Democrat:
"After weeks of wildly-varying interpretations, Florida has finally let school districts know that it doesn't think William Shakespeare's works should be removed from classrooms.

With Gov. Ron DeSantis' signature of approval, Florida's latest book challenge law took effect on July 1. Soon after, media specialists across the state, including in Leon County, said the law could mean Shakespeare's works would have to be put on the chopping block.

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  1. I am not surprised by this turn of events.
    "You're going to challenge Heather Has Two Daddies and whatever the trans-positive books have been, we're going to challenge William Shakespeare. Pure Alinsky. Make them follow their own rules. I think it will take someone with the voice of Charleton Heston reading the new books to school boards to shame them into decency. Who was the woman reading something to a school board who when she was being entreated to desist, asked why it was improper to read these books aloud here when the Board wants to put the same book in Elementary School Libraries for children to read.