Monday, August 7, 2023

Finally Done

I have been working on this mobility solution for my Losmandy G811G for a couple of months now.  A couple false starts and a lot of work writing expert declarations has delayed this.  The final step was making these spacers to make up the difference between the leg height and the size of the aluminum sleeves that were available. Then  I had to mill a slot in the spacer to go over several screw heads on the legs.  

In retrospect, I should probably have started with a block of acetal that filled the sleeve, then milled out the space for the leg and then the slot. It might not have been any slower.  Making these spacers and drilling and tapping the holes to attach the spacers to the sleeve was more work than it should have been.  I do not think it came out very much uglier this way but it would been cleaner in terms of external fasteners.

The big hole is where the existing clamping screw from the outer leg that holds the inner leg will clamp the sleeve to the outer leg.  The inner leg should stay just fine because of gravity.

The hole in the bottom is where the existing casters will screw in place when I take off the old set.

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