Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Surprise, Surprise!

8/8/23 Axios attributes the change to COVID but I wonder how much reflects anger at the fascism and hypocrisy of their masters during the crisis.  Of course, the widespread rejection of punishing crime by Soros' DAs night be an issue as well:
"When millions of Americans rethought their living situations during the pandemic, their moves changed the geography of where money is made in the United States.
"It also shows a surge in income that arrived in many rural and exurban places and in popular vacation destinations.
  • Not only did residents leave the biggest cities, but those who left disproportionately had high incomes, meaning the hit to those local economies was larger than migration numbers alone would imply."
Of course, high income earners are freer to move away from Democratic urban hellholes. 

If you lose enough of those high income earners, your declining tax base will make the welfare state less practical.

Before you get judgmental about it, some of those beneficiaries are really in no position to become independent of the largesse of the government.  

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