Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Mobility Solution

I have been building a superior mobility solution for my Losmandy G811G.  As I have mentioned, this is a bit different dimensionally from the ScopeRollers that I used to make.  This is a rectangular leg.

Because the available aluminum rectangular tubing is slightly larger than the Losmandy Lightweight tripod legs, I needed to make a spacer about .5" thick to be held in place inside the rectangular tube.  Complicating this is that there are a couple of screw heads that stick up above the leg.  So I first trimmed the spacer by .05" to make sure that once in place, the tripod leg would just slide into place.  Then I milled a .1" x .375" slot so the spacer will go over those screwheads without collision.

And the gCode

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