Saturday, August 12, 2023

Time to Reinstall Windows 11

 I am not sure what has damaged Word on my PC, but I started seeing weird problems with screens going black, then coming back after a few seconds last month.  Lenovo sent me a Windows 11 install disk.  I have used LapLink's PCmover program to image all my applications and settings (or so they promise), done a full backup of my files to a USB drive and OneDrive and after enough rest and time away from the computer, we start over.

Reset this PC and Word can open documents and see macros again.  I am unclear if it restored on my drive D or drive C.  Either way works.  C for programs and D for data.  Right now I am attempting to get my installed applications restored using LapLink PCmover.  

Interesting story about LapLink.  Back in the 1990s, I sold a product called ETSR that intercepted Epson dot matrix printer codes, translated them to PostScript and sent them on their way to the printer.  Lots of applications back then did not have PostScript support yet but every application had Epson dot matrix racket printer support.  The code was all in C.  A terminate-and-stay-resident program attached itself to the printer device driver (interrupt 13).  In this case, it fed characters into a C program that I had written.  I sold a few copies but the big win was that LapLink near Seattle was an early vendor of programs for transferring files PC to PC via parallel ports and the president thought the code might be useful so I licensed it to him for $5000, which was big money back then, especially for me.

I need to remember how I mapped my pictures directory to the Libraries level in the magic list on the left side of a file selection window.  I also want to figure out how to make applications default to my local drive not OneDrive.

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