Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Why Do I Suspect This Guy Was Not Wearing a MAGA Hat?

8/8/23 Idaho Statesman:
"A Meridian man who was arrested in June after reportedly shooting at electrical substation equipment at two Idaho dams now faces federal charges over the incidents, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday."

DOJ has been banging the drum about domestic violent extremists (you know, MAGA Hat wearers).
"During his arrest and a pretrial conference in June, officials said Vail refused to respond to a judge’s questions and said he didn’t understand his Miranda rights. Third District Judge David Eames ordered an evaluation to determine whether Vail was fit to proceed in court.

"In the past several months, substations in North Carolina, Washington and Oregon have been damaged in various attacks. In February, the Department of Homeland Security warned in a bulletin that “domestic violent extremists” have looked at attacking electrical and communications infrastructure “as a means to create chaos and advance ideological goals.” The motivation behind Vail’s alleged attack is unclear."

I would wonder if ecodambusting or mental illness is a better explanation.

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