Thursday, August 17, 2023

A Couple Weeks Old But Still Funny

7/21/23 Daily Mail:
"Academics accuse students of 'fascism' after they said they identified as 'Apache attack helicopters' on survey about engineering culture"

Ask rational people (engineering undergrads) about their sexual identity and be prepared for serious mockery.  The response was to call it fascism and white supremacy.   Wow!

From a Quora comment: "Can I crash at your place?"

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  1. As George Orwell wrote in an essay sometime during World War 2, "The word 'Fascism' has very little meaning anymore, except to denote something you dislike very, very much."

    The Monty Python skit of the Pope and Michelangelo arguing about the Last Supper painting the Pope commissioned from him comes to mind.
    The Pope: "One painting of the Last Supper, by next Thursday, with only one Christ, and no kangaroo, or you don't get paid!"
    Michelangelo: "Bloody Fascist."