Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Bipartisan Gun Bill

The bill is here.

I read it and it is mostly harmless.   Some of it is already illegal I think or should be such as intentional supply of guns for criminal purposes for terrorists or agents of drug cartels.

Pp. 2-25 are increased mental health services funding especially for minors,

25-31 provides for upto a three day wait for checking juvenile records for crimes and mental health problems for 19-21.  With all the information that gets sealed at adulthood, this makes sense.

31-33 is a fairly minor change in defining what is the "business" of selling guns and therefore in need of an FFL.  "Predominantly earn a profit" distinguished from improving your collection or liquidating a collection.  This is already BATF regulation.

33-36 is increased funding for states with red flag laws.  I am hard pressed to imagine a state passing such laws and not spending on them already.  Someone else noticed something that I missed.  That funding is for laws that include due process.   Many of the worst aspects of these laws are lack of due process.

37-47 pretty much say that if you buy a gun for someone to commit a felony or terrorism or to an agent of a drug cartel. you are in trouble.

52-54 expands the domestic violence misdemeanor to use not just spouses, but also those in dating relationships.  It is not retroactive.

The rest seems to be bureaucratic details.

I think the Democrats were so desperate to have something to wave in the air as a victory, and Republicans could say, "We did something," that the Republicans played them.

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  1. "I read it and it is mostly harmless. " Given that text, the headline should read: :Mostly Harmless"