Tuesday, June 28, 2022

California As America's Airport Concession

You all know that everything you buy in an airport is hideously overpriced.   You cannot bring pretty much anything liquid through TSA; competition between concessions is limited; to be fair, they probably pay astonishing rents to the airport as well. 

My son's COVID-19 belated wedding reception was in San Luis Obispo.   (Most of her family is there or Madera.)  

There are things about California that I miss.  Cool ocean breezes even when noon is hot; palm trees; the views along California Highway 1 from Pismo Beach to Pacifica.

What I do not miss is how everything is priced like an airport concession.  Restaurants are at least 30% higher than Boise; soft drinks are absurd; and gasoline!

The only thing worse is airport concessions in California. 

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