Monday, June 6, 2022

I Am Planning a Subversive Video

If you live in the Boise area and own a double action revolver you can help.

The argument for a ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds is that you can fire so many rounds so quickly that it might as well be an automatic.   This is nonsense of course so all that is left is a ban on detachable magazine semiautomatic firearms.  (Okay, ban guns owned by what ...125 million people?  Including likely every police officer in America?)

1. Fire 5 magazines from a 1911 at five yard targets (the width of the average classroom).  Demonstrate that the cyclic rate of fire is little reduced from 30 round magazines. 

2. Use a revolver, perhaps a .22LR that holds nine rounds with five speedloaders at five yard targets.  45 shots can be accurately placed at a speed that will likely demonstrate that only a ban on 19th century technology has any hope.  Any guess how many revolvers still function in America? I suspect it outnumbers the wonder-nines.

It may not be needed.  See sixteen shots in 4 seconds from 9mm revolver.


  1. I've thought about doing something similar.

    Here's what I would do, if I had the time. Still might.

    Take the last 10 mass shootings and figure out how the average time between shots. As in total time/victims (both wounded and killed).

    That gives you a "seconds per shot". Now get a pistol, a revolver, an AR 15, and a lever action rifle.

    For the pistol and the AR-15 get 10 round and "full capacity magazines". The revolver gets speed loaders. The lever action gets a cartridge belt.

    Then film several people shooting all four and figure the time between shots for that.

  2. In his book, "To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Tell the Truth", Jeff Cooper wrote about a case he was an expert witness on, in which the prosecution said that shooting a .380 to empty (sometime before 1979, when the book was published), and getting all the shots on the target deceased was evidence that the accused had murdered the victim. Cooper took a .380 of the same brand and tested it at the distance in the case, and determined that it was entirely possible to put every round on the target in under a minute and a half, if I recall correctly, which he said was well within the "Hot blood" time.