Wednesday, June 1, 2022

I Have Mentioned Before the Marijuana and Mental Illness Connection

This 6/1/22 Newsmax article observes that marijuana is often a component of mass murderer background.   While this is a complex item to tease out because as near as I can tell, almost everyone under 40 smokes pot.  The evidence of heavy marijuana use causing, at least for some, mental illness is pretty strong.  The efforts of George Soros to make every state a marijuana refuge is possibly part of why what used to be unimaginable (going into a K-12 school and slaughtering kids apparently at random) into something that seems to be a rare but not startling part of life.  Or maybe Soros wants America to be a major world leader, like Jamaica.  


  1. I bet that if you dug into it, schizophrenia and other psychosis have a higher correlation. Maybe not as a primary diagnosis, but genetic predisposition and/or family history.

    I'd also bet that for older murders there's a bit of alcohol in there too.

    Folks with schizophrenia often "self medicate".

    Pot use is like gun ownership. Millions of people do it regularly without causing problems (well, problems with other people, heavy drug/alcohol use isn't without it's problems).

    1. The Christchurch study looked for evidence of mental health problems predating marijuana use and found no significant correlation. It is likely that marijuana's causal connection is genetic in origin and this is why most heavy pot smokers do not become mentally ill.