Saturday, June 4, 2022

Reality-Based Training Requirements

6/2/22 Wall Street Journal:
"Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday he plans to sign a bill reducing the training requirements for teachers and other staff to carry guns in schools, in an effort to strengthen security after the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school."

Yes.  Police need training to handle a variety of scenarios.  Clearing a school building of what is usually one active shooter but has been two active shooters in past events is complex.

A schoolteacher has a simple decision tree: did someone enter my classroom not wearing a police uniform pointing a gun at any of us?  Draw and shoot at center of mass then face.


  1. Two quick shots, center of mass, a pause then one to the face/head.
    I believe that is called, The Mozambique Drill.

    1. Yes this was the overtime training in our concealed weapons class.

  2. The police claim their special door breaching equipment wasn't available but don't Fire Department special tools work to get through doors? Why not require fire department truck to carry shields and stuff on their trucks also, space can't be that big a problem.