Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I Know Many Activists Consider the Expanded Background Check For 18-21 Unreasonable

6 6/28/22 KSAT:
"SAN ANTONIO – Police arrested a man who told a coworker at an Amazon delivery facility that he planned to commit a mass shooting....

"The witness said he’s told her in the past that he was “tired of living” and that he owns a handgun and a rifle that he purchased recently.

"Aceves’ father was brought in for questioning and told investigators that Aceves had mental illness in the past and had been placed in a mental health facility twice at the age of 16.

"The father said that Aceves was prescribed medication but that he stopped taking it after a couple of years....

"Aceves’ father told police that his son had purchased an assault rifle and that family members are scared knowing he has a weapon based on his past behavior.

Federal background checks in Texas do not flag commitments to a mental institution for juveniles."

And if he had committed mass murder his previous but discontinued use of psychotropic medications would be evidence for the "SSRIs cause mass murder" crowd.


  1. "Aceves’ father told police that his son had purchased an assault rifle..."

    The usual misrepresentation, unless the man spent the tens of thousands of $ required to buy an automatic weapon. (And managed to pass the extra requirements for a federal automatic weapon license.)

    1. He purchased what the news media and the father think is an assault rifle. Confusion induced by decades of skilled propaganda is not misrepresentation/

  2. How about a deal?
    A. The FBI maintains a searchable database of all persons:
    1.Who apply for a driver's license
    2. Who apply for a passport
    3. Who apply for a State ID
    B. You need an ID to:
    1. Buy alcohol
    2. Buy firearms
    3. Fly commercial
    4. Re-enter the US
    C. The database lists all passport holders, State ID holders, drivers' license holders.
    D. It is a crime to allow any disqualified person to buy alcohol, vote, or buy a firearm.
    E. Liquor store sales clerks, poll workers, and firearm dealers could check the database for disqualifications. If an applicant's name appears in the database without disqualifying conditions, the transaction (vote. buy alcohol, re-enter the country, buy a firearm) may proceed.
    If you grew up in the same town as your cousin and you know that she never murdered anyone, you can sell your AR-15 or give her a ballot at the polling place without making the background check.