Friday, June 10, 2022

I Would Love to Know the Theory of This

6/9/22 New York Post:
"A Missouri woman who claimed she caught a sexually transmitted disease when she had sex with her boyfriend in his vehicle has been awarded a $5.2 million settlement from her now-ex-partner’s car insurance company."

Now, I could see how his renters or homeowners insurance might cover this as part of his personal liability -- which includes on many policies libel and slander but not copyright infringement (as I discovered when Righthaven shook me down with the scheme that eventually bankrupted them).  But car insurance?  Was this collision?  (In a slow and controlled way, I suppose).  At least they did not the car maker for failing to make a car where sex was impossible. 

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    It sounds as if GEICO refused to settle the claim and refused to defend the owner of the car. And then, after having agreed to arbitration, sued to have the arbitration judgement thrown out.

    The premise of the case seems absurd, but if GEICO refused to present a case, for the abitrator to find for the plaintiff isn't a surprise.

    And for the courts to refuse to overturn a binding arbitration because after the fact GEICO decided they really should have offered a defense is also no surprise.