Monday, June 6, 2022

Hung Himself? Then Shot Himself With a Shotgun? Or the Other Way Around?

 6/5/22 Radar Online gives details that other news sources seem to not have:

The bizarre suicide death of Bill Clintons former advisor linked to billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein is now an “OPEN” investigation, Radar can exclusively report.

The stunning turn of events comes after a series of explosive stories questioning the suicide death of Clinton moneyman, Mark Middleton, who was found May 7 hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast through his chest and an extension cord around his neck. learned about the surprise twist after it filed a Freedom of Information request with the Perry County Sheriff’s Department demanding copies of the police report and crime scene photos of grisly death in a 1,100-acre farm linked to the former president just outside Perryville, Arkansas.

5/11/22 Sun:

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton’s former special advisor, Mark Middleton passed away Saturday at the age of 59 as confirmed by his family.

Middleton is known for cementing the former president’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein....

During his time with Clinton, he reportedly invited Epstein to the White House for at least seven of Epstein’s 17 visits.

Middleton may have also flown on Epstein’s plane and connected the two powerful men.

He was also a managing partner of the MidCorp Capital investment firm and worked on multiple nonprofit foundations.

While assisting President Clinton, Middleton also worked under then-chief of staff, Thomas “Mack” McCarty.

In February 1995, Middleton left the White House. The following year, an investigation by the White House found that he had abused his access to impress business clients and he was barred from the property without senior approval. 

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