Tuesday, April 21, 2020

This Was So Obviously Self-Parody That I Feared He Was Misquoted

But no.  4/18/20 New York Times.  Thomas Friedman rejecting the idea of reopening anywhere:
And as individuals, every person will be playing Russian roulette every minute of every day: Do I get on this crowded bus to go to work or not? What if I get on the subway and the person next to me is not wearing gloves and a mask? What if they sneeze? Do I get in the elevator at the office if there is another person on it?
Most of America does not have subways or c rowded buses.  Many of us never use elevators, much less crowded ones.  He needs to get out (of New York) more often.  Really, the goal is to destroy the economy: the Left's only way top Trump from getting re-elected.  Amusingly enough, no comment over there realized that he is describing an America that does not exist.  Flawless quote over at Instapundit:
Easy for those with no financial issues to tell everybody else they must cower in their homes.

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  1. He needs to get out of New York City more often, but he's afraid the Indians will scalp him if he goes past Yonkers.