Monday, April 20, 2020

Fever Test Them at the Border

When the current shelter-in-place order expires, Idaho should check people at the border (and airports) for symptoms of COVID-19.  We cannot just prohibit entry (although I know some of you want that), but as a public health measure, we should make sure the contagious coming in, do not give us a fresh set of infectors.  I could see Gov. Newsom supplying cars and gasoline to the infected to make Gov. Little look reckless for allowing people to go back to work.


  1. I'm with you in spirit, but if the level of asymptomatic spread turns out to be high, the fever testing won't stop it. We just don't know.

    I just want the damned wall to get built before the levels in Mexico go through the roof. I'm in Arizona, and guess where a lot of the illegals go.

  2. Oh - I forgot to mention. Hawaii has done something similar to what you say. If you go to Hawaii, you get 14 days of mandatory quarantine. Travel between islands is only for "essential purposes."

    My brother who lives there is very optimistic about this.

  3. Sadly it won't detect the kind of fever Leftists have.

  4. The entire situation creates a ripe opportunity to examine what type of controls at state borders would survive constitutional challenge.

    I could easily envision rigorous health examinations performed at all Idaho state borders for vehicle (identified by registration as the initial reason to impeded their progress) occupants coming from highly impacted states.
    For many decades California has stopped every vehicle at interstate checkpoints to ensure that no out of state fruits or vegetables can be brought into the state, so as to protect against vegetative diseases. Human infectious diseases is an argument from the lesser (vegetable/fruit) to the greater, human life. If that real, historic and current process stands muster, then why not something of much greater importance?

    What it takes is the will to do it. Most so-called conservatives, and especially those in government, are unwilling to withstand the withering criticism that would come for advocating those actions. So it will not happen.

    It is amusing to watch the leftist media (of which there are hardly any exceptions) quote and complain about the 10th Amendment, an entity that for years they have labelled as a dead letter. The entire reality and premise of states, their sovereignty, and their pre-existence as the parents of the child is relatively unknown at the general public level. At the journalism, academic and leftist level (but I repeat myself) the premise is despised until it meets their goals of the long walk through the institutions.