Thursday, April 9, 2020

Good News for Idaho

Latest projections for Idaho.
7 days until projected peak deaths.  They are predicting 0 deaths from May 1 onward.  And actually a lot of places.  The best part of this the projected ICU beds needed, and total beds, and ventilators, are well below the available resources in many states.  Unsurprisingly, low density, Western red states are doing very well.  Wyoming, for example is projected to peak at 3 deaths per day April 30.  So far, no deaths at all.  Utah has done nothing but close schools, and they are still doing pretty well.

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  1. Arizona isn't doing as well, but most of our population is packed into two cities - Phoenix metro area, and Tucson.

    Still, the hospitals are not forecast to run out of capacity, and they were earlier. We're looking at 24 deaths per day late in the month, with a total to August of 775. This is from the IHME model.