Friday, April 10, 2020

Are You Old Enough to Remember Mad Magazine?

They had a marvelous parody about niche magazines, back when these were becoming common.  One I especially remember was Black Skiier, described as for the "hip, downhill skiier of the Afro-American persuasion."  What sounds like an SNL skit described in  4/10/20 Wall Street Journal:
On a Sunday afternoon in the resort community of Ketchum, Idaho, more than 600 African-American skiers paraded into the town square, dancing to Tom Browne’s “Funkin’ For Jamaica.” A DJ shouted the names of dozens of black ski clubs, each sporting matching parkas to signify the different cities from which they hailed.
Unfortunately, they arrived in time to catch COVID-19 from someone already there and return home with some unwanted pets.

Not Mad, but National Lampoon:

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