Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Surprisingly Modern Incident

Winfield, Kan. (1903)
8/13/1903: “[A] crazy man” with a double-barrelled shotgun opened fire on a crowd at an outdoor concert killing six, with recovery of five others “doubtful.”  He wounded another 28 before committing suicide.
Category: public
Suicide: yes
Cause: mental illness


  1. In Kansas in 1903???

    They didn't have a good guy with a gun?

    Or, was it a gun free zone?

  2. A police officer eventually shot him and committed suicide. In 1903 smalltown Kansas, why would you feel the need to carry a gun?

  3. Yeah, that's what my Congressman (Joe Courtney - D (CT)) asked me once when I challenged his open ended support for gun control legislation.

    In effect "We have great police departments around here - why would you feel the need to own a gun?"

  4. By 1903 The cowboys driving cows into Dodge City were a distant memory and "Gunsmoke" not even imagined yet.
    We might as well ask if that occurred in what people consider a "safe neighborhood", where nothing like this had ever happened. Perhaps it wasn't considered a "bad neighborhood". They were good people, they only associated with good people, of good reputation, so who needs to carry?