Thursday, April 30, 2020

By State

The deaths are heavily concentrated in a few states with large urban crowds.


  1. But, in Arizona, highest rate of cases is in the Navajo Nation, which is very rural.

  2. Deciding where to "cut the grass for "large urban crowds gives anywhere from three to fifteen states where the deaths are "heavily concentrated.

    California looks like it is about seventh in the nation in terms of deaths, and our idiot news faces can only report on the Pandemic (Panic + Epidemic?) as if it were some box score, announcing each new total high for the state or the county as seems most likely to keep the state at 1935 levels of poverty the longest.

    TV can mostly be used to sell stuff and narrate a horse race. I own a grill basket and three magic bullet blenders due to watching HSN before I realized the danger (the Blenders made nice wedding gifts).
    Fair and balanced is putting Robert Heinlein on as a guest and also some idiot from the Flat Earth Society (not in the same studio, fortunately. Geraldo Rivera wasn't at that stage in his career yet).