Friday, April 24, 2020

Craig's List Time Machine

Film Developing Equipment (Boise)

Large developing tank holds 11 35mm reels $40 (comes with 8 reel holder)
Medium developing tank holds 4 35mm reels $20 (comes with 2 reel holders)
Small developing tank holds 2 35mm reels $10
Tank lids (2 plastic, 1 metal) $2 each (or free with a purchase of any tank)
11 metal 35mm film reels $5 each ($40 for all 11)
2 plastic 35mm film reels $5 each ($7 for both)
7 metal 120mm film reels $5 each ($25 for all 7)
1 metal 46mm film reel (for Kodak 127 film) $5
Metal tongs free  

I am old enough to have helped my father in the darkroom.


  1. I sort of remember helping my father develop some film as a science experiment, but like so many other things the memory is very faded.

    I wonder if the fate of steam locomotives and film are as parallel as I think they are.
    They both were state of the art for a long time and they both went away very fast when new technology made them obsolete.

  2. Actually there is a movement of enthusiasts that are going back to or getting into film. Not unlike the vinyl record resurgence. Though maybe not as big yet.

    I still have a stash of 35mm film sealed in a fridge I bought 15-20 years ago (GULP!). Mostly E6 professional and "prosumer" grade stuff. Hope it is still good. Need to find the time to go out and use it up.

    I image I will now have to ship the film out of state to get it processed...