Sunday, April 26, 2020

T-Shirts Can Have Such Powerful Memories

That it does not matter if they holes, tears, or have shrunk from too many trips to the dryer, or too many trips to a pizzeria.  Like this one from my first full-time job at 18.


  1. My wife turns my favorites into pillows.

  2. My teenage daughter went through my old army dufflebag and posed for me in two shirts from my undergraduate days in the mid 1960s. One was a custom, but very simple, T printed up by one of my roommates commentating us. The other was my old intramural hockey sweater that one of our players had sent down from his hometown, Winnipeg.

  3. Cool!

    Did you ever see the belt buckle of this mission logo? There is someone on an online selling place (similar to ebay) who has one and is asking over $500.

    There are t-shirt sellers selling new shirts with this logo on them for all the space program enthusiasts.

    I would consider putting the shirt into some kind of sealed display case to protect it. Maybe one you can hang on a wall.

    So did you ever see or meet Sagan?

  4. No, never met him. I was a very small fish in a very large aquarium. So where are these vendors. That might be the right solution.

  5. Not repros so a bit pricy for a trip down memory lane.