Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Why Successful Astrophotographers Have Winter Homes in Florida

The teeth of my winter boots are chattering.  Worse, when I got out there I discovered that I had neglected to turn off the clock drive the last time I used it.  Fresh AA batteries tomorrow.  It needs to be above freezing to do astrophotography.

I also just realized why in all the years that I operated Scoperoller, I made two sales in Idaho.

Now if could just win the Powerball, I might buy that winter home in Florida, the land of giant bugs and criminals too stupid to not become Florida Man stories.


  1. You boots have teeth? Your home must be in a strange place :-)

    Doesn't the humidity in the air reduce the value of Florida for star gazing?

    Come to Arizona - low humidity, clear skies, warmer weather (although not as warm as Florida in the winter). If you want super clear skies and thin air, you drive up to the mountains where it might even get as cold as where you live now.

    AZ is the astronomy capital of the nation, with Kitt Peak, Mt. Hopkins, Mt Graham, the Lowell Observatory, and the Discovery Telescope. Lowell (in Flagstaff) has a new observation deck where the public can look through telescopes, including a 32 inch reflector.

  2. Love Flagstaff but my kids and grandkids are pretty well settled here.