Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sounds Like the Stage Name for a Stripper

10/11/19 Washington Times:
CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson and the Democrats on stage for Thursday’s LGBTQ town hall were put on notice by the audience — misgendering or altering a transgender person’s name is tantamount to “violence.”
Singer Shea Diamond scolded the reporter and warned the nine presidential hopefuls on a Los Angeles stage that mispronouncing names can have devastating effects.
“I want to bring in Shea Diamond. A singer songwriter from L.A. She currently supports Mayor Pete Buttigieg. What’s your question?” Ms. Henderson said before being corrected.
“Uh, it’s ‘Shia’ Diamond,” the singer responded. “Put that on the record. Yes honey, it’s violence to misgender or to alter a name of a trans person so let’s always get that right first.”
Apparently pronounced  like "She a Diamond."

[I]t's violence...."  Of course, if you are confused about your sex, or think an atypical pronunciation of your name is violence...

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