Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Ambidextrous Safety for Mustang

It arrived from Cylinder & Slide promptly.  It is a very pretty piece of work:
I had initially thought of installing it myself.  When I bought my stainless Colt Government Model, installing the Pachmayr ambi was trivial: tap the safety out from the right, press the two sides in where the sides keyed into each other.  The only fitting was a little emery cloth on the shaft to make the two sides actually slide into the hole in the frame.

This is a bit harder; removing the mainspring housing, and possibly some work on the hammer.  I am not so poor as to try this myself and either need a replacement hammer or end up with a not utterly trustworthy safety.  Thus I am taking it to Precision Gunsmithing in Nampa, who quoted me $45 for install.  Bargain!

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